Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day fish

I am a fishing addict, I confess.  I weaseled a couple hours today and fished a two spots that I've been meaning to visit.  Both were very sandy-bottomed, but still had some nice brookies in residence.  The first four pictures are from a downstream stretch of the stream I just posted about.  The last four are from a stream that I scouted last winter and have visited a couple of times.  A reasonable number of fish struck at my flies, but only a few came to hand.  It has never been as productive as I would have predicted, based on its structure.  Unfortunately I lost the largest fish of the day there, but I know where it lives.


  1. I've caught myself also saying that to a trout after a lost fight; 'I know where you live!' The more hardcore your accent, the better your chances the next time

  2. Really like the spotting on those brookies. Lost a heffer today too, but I too know where it lives!