Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last chance..

I couldn't let the end of the month go by without getting out for one last visit to a couple of little streams that are relatively nearby.  Unfortunately, the only streams that can be fished for the next month and a half are the Class 1, which puts a damper on the search for wild trout.  While I'm sure that I will visit some Class 1 streams during the restricted period, all other stream walks will be of the scouting variety.  Today I went back to my recently posted stream to see if the rain and snow melt had brought any of its residents to life.  The answer was an unequivocal no.  Rather than return home discouraged I went to a nearby stream, most of which I had never seen.  While I saw a number a great looking pools and riffles, nothing responded to the flies that I drifted downstream.  In spite of the lack of luck finding any fish, on my way back to the truck I decided to fish a section that I had skipped on my way upstream.  I was more that surprised when the brown trout pictured below came up from behind the Picket Pin I was slowly retrieving and nailed it on its second attempt.  It is very unlikely that this stream receives any stocked fish.  A few of my DEP fisheries friends looked at the photo and all thought that this was in fact a wild fish.  A very nice way to end month.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

And again...

This time the stream was running very clear.  I believe that I caught the same fish from my first post on this stream.  Initially it hit a GO2 hare's ear nymph (a pattern by Rick Takahashi) but fell off quickly.  Because it was kind of a tricky drift I opted to try a dry fly and see if it would react.  I tied on a variation of the Hemingway caddis (black body and med dun hackle) and darned if it didn't take it just as I started to retrieve it at the end of the drift.  Although I saw a couple more fish, this one was the only catch of the day.  I definitely can't complain.