Monday, June 24, 2013

Nice little stream

There is a small stream that flows into a local stream that I frequently visit when I don't want to drive far.  I recently got permission to fish some stretches of it and have now tested the water a few times (with and without Alan).  I've caught a few nice brookies there and interestingly they have a slightly different coloration than their relatives in the main stream.  Although the pictures don't really show it, their bodies have more of a shiny blue/grey tint (at least to my eyes).  Although I've never caught many fish there, it's a beautiful stream.  I hope that there are many more fish in residence than I've been able to entice.


  1. Beautiful stream, and it's going to take time to figure out. But I can tell you from the severe strikes I've encountered on it there's going to be a few awesome sized brook trout coming from it.
    Stay tuned...

  2. nice, I like the dark water!

    1. Interestingly, the fish do not appear to darkened by the water they live in.

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