Thursday, December 29, 2016

It makes you wonder

I was told about this place by a friend and since I was nearby I decided to check it out.  When I got to the site the fish that inhabited the pool were rising to invisible emerging insects.  I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that I caught 5 or 6 wild brookies in this one pool, using the pink worm, an elk hair caddis and even a wet fly.  While I caught nothing downstream of this pool, I did spook one fish that was lurking in the fairly shallow riffles I passed by.  Maybe under better conditions (i.e. more water) additional brookies would be observed inhabiting this small stream.

It does not surprise me that so many fish were present in this one pool, since it was clearly the deepest pool available in the section of the stream that I fished.  However, it just makes me wonder how many culvert pools exist in CT that are inhabited by these magnificent fish.