Saturday, March 24, 2012

More Class 1 fish and water

A few pictures from today's trip to a Class 1 stream.  I caught and landed three fish and had a few other strikes, all with a reversed parachute emerger.  BRK TRT has got me using this pattern and I am very impressed with the results.  Here is the link to a video by Roy Christie demonstrating his very ingenious method of tying this pattern ( )

Monday, March 12, 2012

No more early retirement

The good news is that I have accepted a seasonal position with the CT DEEP in the Diadramous Fisheries Program.  I'll be working with the DEEP for 6 months and be based in my home town, Old Lyme.  Considering I was intending to go into marine biology from the time a took a summer school oceanography class at the end of 4th grade all the way through college, I am excited to finally get the chance to work in a field that has always interested me.

To take advantage of my last day of temporary "early" retirement, I went to the nearest Class 1 stream to see if the great weather would give me the chance to see a few more of its beautiful wild residents.  Unfortunately, mother nature was not that kind to me.  The water level was quite low and the pools that I would have expected to produce fish did not.  After switching from the Ausable Bomber to the Picket Pin I finally had a nice strike.  After a quick battle and photo the brown was on its way back into the depths.  Although I fished a considerable section of a nearby Class 1 stream, the best I could do was a short but losing battle with a fish in a nice pool that I have never had any luck in and one other strike.  On a positive note, the fly that produced those strikes was one that I had recently discovered online and have found to be trout enticing.  It is a slight modification of the CDC Cluster Midge (i.e. my version includes a small wing of white Z-Lon so that I can see the fly on the water).  In spite of all of the insect activity and in some pools fish rising, the day was really not very rewarding (except for the time spent outside doing what I truly love to do).