Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day eve

A few pictures from yesterday's fishing with Alan (Small Stream Reflections) and Mark (Fishing Small Streams).  The stream was in great shape, not roaring excessively after the recent rain.  Like Mark, I also caught a wild brown.  I'm fairly certain it was the same fish that I caught a few weeks ago, lurking in the depths of one of the deepest pools in the stream.  It fell for the "Black Fly" that Alan had written about earlier this week.  The brookie also succumbed to the pattern.


  1. Fathers Dat Eve, I like that.
    That brown has been enjoying many brook trout dinners. The 350 year pattern strikes again.

    1. I'll have to test that out next time with a little brook trout streamer.

  2. That's a hefty brown! beautiful brookies as well.

  3. Nice job nailing that brown, he nosed my Bomber twice and then got disinterested. We will have to compare photos from your winter expedition and see if these are the same fish. All in all a great day with you two!