Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Class 1 fun

Since the weather forecasters were wrong again, I headed to the country to fish a Class 1 stream.  Although he turned down my offer to meet and fish, I wasn't surprised when Alan arrived at our usual starting point.  After a few minutes of tempting the residents in a deep bridge pool, Alan hooked what may have been the largest wild brown that I have ever seen (at least since returning to freshwater fishing).  To help him out he handed me his rod to get off the bridge and as bad luck would have it the fish escaped as I moved to a spot at the edge of the pool.  It was a sickening feeling when the line shot back over my shoulder and the fish vanished into the depths of the pool unphotographed.  At the very least I can attest to the beauty of that fish and I'm very sorry that it escaped while under my watch.  We left that pool and headed downstream, but the best we could muster was a couple of strikes.  Moving on to another stretch of stream we were finally able to hook and land a couple of browns and brookies on Mr. BRK TRT's favorite fly, the "Bomber".  After Alan left, at another bridge pool I was finally able to hook and catch a pesky fish that had earlier shown some interest in the Bomber.  It took a Kaufmann's Stimulator to fool it.  Compared to Alan's earlier monster brown this fish looked lifeless.  I guess beggars can't be choosers.