Sunday, July 15, 2012

Twice in one week

I went to the Farmington on Thursday afternoon with Alan and got humbled.  While I didn't leave skunked (I did manage to catch one brown), I failed the set the hook seven other times.  Since I don't let fishing humiliation stop me cold, I returned there Saturday morning.  Unlike my previous visit, this time I caught 6 or so fish (one rainbow and the rest brown) and lost a couple more, all on dries.  The largest one is pictured below.  I still haven't engaged in battle with one of the river's serious residents.

While walking back to my truck I ran into a generous itinerant fly-fisherman (aka a retiree fish bum) who shared his freshly cooked sausage and sauteed potato with me (plus a can of Moxie).  A perfect lunch to go along with an enjoyable visit to the Farmington River.