Sunday, April 7, 2013

April Class 1 visit

I went to a Class 1 stream today with BRK TRT (aka Alan) to do some rehab of my surgically repaired thumb (bone chips, spur, etc.).  While Alan is almost entirely a good influence, his purchase of a small rod and light reel recently unduly influenced me.  Not to be left out, I also purchased a small rod and light reel, in my case an L.L. Bean Streamlight Ultra 5'9" 3-wt and an Orvis BBSII, both on sale for very reasonable prices.  I had only had one opportunity to use the new stuff prior to my thumb repair so I was chomping on the bit to get out and break it in.  Although the stitches have not yet been removed, I had been instructed to work on flexing my thumb so I reasoned that gripping a fly rod may qualify.

Except for the wind, the weather was nice.  The fish, on the other hand, were not very cooperative in spite of ample evidence of insect life associated with the stream.  I was able to finally hook and land a small brown on a Hemingway caddis, thus christening the rod/reel/line.

On the way back upstream I was the recipient of Alan's very positive influence.  Based on the insects that he had observed, he suggested trying a soft-hackle pheasant tail.  I promptly tied on a bead head version and swung the fly under and along the debris at the base of the pool pictured below.  On the second attempt, after being more daring with how deep into the mess I was willing to swing it, a beautiful brown emerged from the timber and pounced on the fly.  Alan is always telling me that while the fish aren't visible, they are there.  I now believe him even more after watching the fish leave my hand and rather than dart away disappear right below me into the rocky substrate of the stream.  It found a nook that from above didn't seem possible for a fish this size to disappear in.  As they say, you learn something new every day.


  1. Nice job breaking in the thumb and the new rod! Some nice colored browns there, but man that wind was howling yesterday

  2. The wind was a bit unpleasant, but at least I was out and in the water.