Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Local stream

I went to a local stream this afternoon, one that is supposed to harbor wild brookies.  Since this stream flows into the sound it has been suggested that it may have salters as well.  The section I went to is in close proximity to I95 and is far from attractive.  The substrate is rock with a ton of sand, which may be somewhat evident in the first picture below.  After catching a chub on a cheapo Royal Coachman tied parachute style (that lost its hackle), I switched to the Bomber and was rewarded with a nice brookie, lying in wait just above the woody debris in the run pictured below.  I left and went to the northern side of the highway to see if there was any life in a relatively deep pool right near the road.  Three small brookies fell for the Bomber, none of which were as large as the one pictured.  It is amazing what these fish are capable of living in.


  1. Great looking spot. I really like the last photo. Looks like an old grist mill's retaining wall is now some prime habitat! Ct. Salters huh... I've often wondered myself. Its gotta be a great salt marsh stream run, I think they gotta be in the brackish water for like 2 weeks to loose the 3 primary colors. Once those primary colors are gone, I'd consider it a salter. Its kinda like aliens and Sasquatch... I know that Connecticut salters are out there, its just that I haven't seen any convincing evidence. Keep it up, somebody will prove their existence.

  2. I'll have to check the stream closer to the sound and see what's in it.