Monday, February 13, 2012

Unfortunately just hiking

My wife and I went for a hike today at a beautiful piece of land overseen by the Nature Conservancy.  Burnham Brook Preserve is a chunk of land (~1122 acres) that "protects the watersheds of Burnham Brook, Strong Brook, and the Eightmile River".  While it is a great place to hike, no fishing is allowed, probably because "Burnham Brook Preserve protects a classic Atlantic salmon habitat in nearly pristine condition".  We hiked right along Burnham Brook (pictures below).  The stream is small and mostly shallow, although I did see some very nice pools.  Maybe it's the Eightmile River that is being referred to as pristine salmon habitat.


  1. Nice bit of real estate. It's a beautiful area.
    I'm glad you both enjoyed it.

  2. Those old stone fences are memorials to the farming history that was so important for Connecticut and New England. My sister lives in Kent and the country side between there and Hartford is loaded with them. Very pretty drive.