Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I never get tired of fishing

I went back to the beautiful little brook that I have previously posted pictures of, hoping that the weekend's cold spell hadn't slowed the residents down.  I was greeted with brookies that were still willing to snatch elk and deer hair caddises and bombers (grizzly variation) from the surface.  Some were also moved to attack the always productive Picket Pin subsurface.  At one point I watched a brookie hanging at the edge of the current seemingly feeding.  I spent 20 minutes drifting various flies by it (Picket Pin, EH caddis, hot pink midge, pumpkin midge, Adams parachute) and failed to draw even a hint of interest.  This fish was unlike many of its neighbors, not being fooled by any of my shenanigans.  I was certainly relieved to find that the brook's native inhabitants were still active and in some cases even rising to an unknown natural food.


  1. I can see why,
    With streams like that, and wild brookies on a dry fly. What's to tire of.

  2. What a crazy winter, brookies on bombers in February. Nice job getting out there

  3. I really owe everyone a major thank you for all of the advice and positive influence (the great blogs). I have had more fun doing this and regret taking so many years off.