Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just when I was ready to give up....

and head home, I drifted a Picket Pin downstream under a tree (and daringly over a submerged branch) to run it along a bank that I had seen a nice fish near a few weeks ago.  As I drew the fly upstream it stopped near the submerged branch and I figured the fly was lost.  However, when I lifted the rod to try to free the fly I felt a tug.  I quickly drew the fish upstream past the branch and was truly surprised to see what was at the end of the leader.  The stream is home to wild browns and brookies, so catching a 14 or so inch rainbow was not what I was expecting.  I couldn't even figure out how to hold it to get a good picture.  After very limited luck elsewhere on the stream, unlike Alan who was still getting fish to hit dry flies, I really can't complain.  The six degree drop in water temperature since Monday probably explains the lack of enthusiasm exhibited by the streams residents today.


  1. RKM - Just curious if the stream you were fishing drains into a larger stream or river that is stocked. Most of the rainbows I caught this last year had migrated up into water that is typically inhabited by wild brown and brook trout. Some where caught quite a distance from the "stocked" water.

  2. You just never know.
    Perhaps your next surprise will be a tiger.

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