Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is this really Februrary?

I spent some time fishing a small brook with Alan (Small Stream Reflections) on Monday and was once again treated to some great weather and beautiful brookies.  Since I had already established that the fish would attack Picket Pins, I followed his lead and tied on a dry fly.  Both size 16 elk hair caddis and Garcia's Mini Hot patterns were too much for the fish to resist.  After ending up catching a few on dry flies I am now a convert (although not full-time).  Clearly there's method to his madness (and he's quite good at applying it).  If February was always like this I'd probably learn to enjoy winter again.


  1. Great photos. They were very cordial to us that day.

  2. Some pretty fish there RKM. Nice to see you guys taking advantage of the weather