Monday, February 20, 2012

A few streams visited today

I went roaming around today visiting a few of the streams that I normally fish.  At the first stream I was able to fool three nice native brookies with a Picket Pin (I got pics of only 2 though).  The stream was in need of an infusion of more water, as the level was getting noticeably low.

At the second brook, one that has never been kind to me, I was able to catch a young salmon.  Unfortunately the picture is out of focus (I was in a slightly precarious position and didn't pay attention to where the camera was focusing).  I don't know this stream well enough to say whether there are native fish present, but I have been told that there are and it is also stocked.  This is a beautiful stream that in my perfect world would support a population of native fish (one can dream).

The last stream is one that I have routinely caught wild brookies in where I go upstream and small browns at another section downstream.  The water was quite low today, but it didn't prevent this one brookie from attacking a Picket Pin.

Not a bad day roaming around.  However, we need rain to refill these streams and cheer up their residents.


  1. Not a bad morning at all - any Feb trout is all good in my book !

  2. Nice job there. Some streams seem to be in need of water and some seem to be holding there own.
    Was there any interest in dries?

    1. The second stream was ok, but the others need water. No interest in dries (EH caddis or bomber) so I didn't force the issue. Wed is supposed to be in the 50's so maybe dries will prevail.