Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Closer to home

In one of my previous posts I showed a beautiful brookie that I caught in a stream quite close to where I live (a 20 minute drive at most).  The stream flows into a cove on the Connecticut River and has some beautiful runs and pools that should, again in a perfect world, hold trout.  While there may be many more fish present in its waters than I am aware of, I have never caught more than one fish a visit, including today.  I tried a section of the brook upstream from where I have been in the past and had only one brief tussle, in spite of working what appeared to be some very nice water.  I then returned to the section that I had fished before and had the great fortune of catching the gorgeous brookie pictured below.  If you look to the right of its large tail in the first photo you'll see the fly that it jumped on, a Dark Edson Tiger.  The second picture is to try to give some indication of the size of the fish.  Once again it was the only catch of the day.  Native or hold-over, I do not know.  Either way it was well fed and beautiful.  In lieu of photos of fish I've included more of the stream and its surroundings.


  1. Pretty stream, Nice pics and congrats on the brookie

  2. I guess Bill Edson knew a thing or two about brook trout.
    Nice fish.