Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Taking advantage

Taking advantage of the nice weather (and still no job), I headed to a class 1 stream to see if I can improve my winter trout fishing skills.  After drifting nymphs (tungsten surveyor, pumpkin head midge), picket pins and even a light Edson tiger to no avail through pools that I hoped had cold hungry fish lurking in them, I tied on a San Juan worm and continued downstream.  When I got to a bend in the stream where the bank overhangs the water, I finally had a taker.  I snapped a quick picture and watched as the brown trout swam back into the shelter that I had rudely extracted it from (last picture).  And that was it for the class 1 stream.

While there was much more of this stream to fish, I opted to go to a nearby brook and see if I could entice any of its residents to come out.  Unlike the class 1 stream, this one was running a little dirty and it seemed that my fishing trip was going to end without the excitement of seeing any of its beautiful little brookies.  After drifting a picket pin through one of the streams small pools, I lifted my fly rod up to begin to reel up the line and head home.  That's when the only brookie of the day decided to take the fly.  Better late than never.


  1. RKM: Nice Blog you have here!!! Try my "secret" soft hackle!!!!!

  2. TROUT1, thanks. I haven't tried it there. Is it a good cold water pattern (cold as in 38 degrees or so)? I have all of the materials to tie some and hopefully will sit down and do it soon. Have you been back to the New Years day site?

    1. YES!! Once!! Did very well !! 2 Browns and a Brookie!!! Same fly!!!

  3. Nice outing Kirk.
    That bend in the stream is a favorite of mine.
    Classy trout.

  4. Good looking stream and fish!