Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Local water

With only a limited amount of time available to me for fishing, I headed to two local streams to see if I could entice some of the residents.  The first stream is stocked (and is supposed to have sea-run browns).  Previously I had caught a couple dozen browns, all about the same size and color, with next to no effort.  Today I caught five browns, but now they looked a lot nicer, with much better color.  As usual the sparrow nymph was effective at getting their attention.  As you can guess, no sea-run brown for me.  The second stream has both wild browns and brookies, but today it failed to prove it to me.  Maybe next time.



  1. A beautiful stretch of water. And you got a few to play.
    A fine day my friend.

  2. Pretty stream and trout.