Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last trip before Christmas

I went to my favorite class 1 stream for one last fishing trip before Christmas (unless I can sneak out again).  The forecast was for sun, but as usual the forecasters were not quite right.  Limited sun was more like it.  The water temperature was a chilly 39 deg F.  This time I did not slip on an icy rock and fall in, like my last time out.  The fishing was very slow, although for the first time I did spot a number of fish.  My eyes must be getting better (more likely it was the lower water level).  It took a while but I did ultimately catch two browns, one on a San Juan worm and one on bead-head Whitlock's squirrel nymph.  Once again I ran into BRK TRT.  I hope that my preceding him down the stream did not ruin his time on the water.  Although the number of strikes and catches for me has declined dramatically, I am still enjoying my first fall trout fishing since I began this hobby more than 40 years ago.  Happy Holidays to everyone.


  1. Well you obviously did better than I.
    Subtle hits and that's all.
    We have rain coming, it may warm the streams a bit.

  2. I hope so. I'd really like to hit the water one more time this week (while I'm looking for a job, of course).