Thursday, December 22, 2011

One more last time

I read on the Fly Addict forum that fish were still being caught at the Salmon River, so I headed there this morning to see if I could coerce one to take a fly.  Unfortunately, I was not as lucky (or skillful) as the other anglers.  Rather than give up the opportunity to take advantage of the nice weather, I went to a nearby brook to see if I could entice any of its tiny residents to come out and play.  This time luck was on my side.  I had a few strikes and landed two of the brook's native browns.  Nothing to write home about, but nice little fish just the same.  I can now accurately say that I am done fishing until after Christmas.

1 comment:

  1. Hey buddy,
    Looks like your second choice proved to right on.
    We were out and about today also. First to the stream you gave me directions to, and to another stream that,s like home.
    This probably was my last outing too. A few degrees in water temps had them looking mid to top.

    Merry Christmas