Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cold but fun day on my two favorite streams

This morning I headed to my favorite "blue line" discovery to see if I could catch some brookies before the weather becomes less hospitable.  The brook was in great shape, running crystal clear and cold (~38 deg F).  As I made my way upstream I once again came upon a dressed deer carcass lying at the edge of the brook.  I guess I'll just have to get used to sharing the woods with people that don't have any aesthetic sense (putting it mildly).  At least my distaste for the former was offset by catching a few beautiful little brookies, typical of this stream.  The high point of the trip was when I slipped on an icy rock as I crossed the stream and ended up falling on my back into the water.  Adding insult to injury it was right at a small waterfall which I slightly slid over dunking my head.  38 degrees is cold!  Undeterred, I got up and continued to fish.

After enjoying my time at my first stop, I headed to my favorite Class 1 stream for a couple of hours.  When I got there I recognized the license plate on a car parked at the entrance and was pleased to finally meet the man whom I hold responsible for my recent trout fishing madness, BRK TRT (kidding of course).  The stream was running clear and cool (low forties), but not offering up any of its residents to either or us.  After we parted ways I went upstream and finally had some success, two small browns from the same pool using a tan birds nest nymph.  Hopefully the weather will not become an issue as I'd like to return before Christmas.


  1. The day turned out well. Nice fish. I fished that warmer section. One small brookie and a small brown. You should give that section a try.
    Sorry I wasn't so talkative today. The stroke I had affected my speech, and this cold I have was not helping. We'll meet and fish again my friend.

    PS did you warm up after your cold dip?

  2. It took quite a while to warm up, but not very long to start thinking about my next fishing trip.

  3. Found you thru Small Stream Reflections. Nice job and am looking forward to reading more!

  4. I found you through Brk Trt's post too...and am very glad I did. Great blog, and great looking fly up there at the top right!

  5. Thanks. Small Stream Reflections has been a great inspiration for me. The fly is a Gartside Sparrow nymph (size 12). I found out about it in an article in MidCurrent (http://midcurrent.com/flies/the-perfect-10-new-england-natives/). It has proven to be very effective, particularly when retrieved slowly upstream as a streamer.