Friday, December 9, 2011

A couple more Class 1 natives

I returned to the same Class 1 stream, this time with sunshine in the forecast.  The water was cold (43 deg F) and flowing about as high and dirty as it was a couple of days ago.  I tried a few different flies (mostly bead head nymphs) but nothing was happening for me.  I finally had a taker after I tied on a bead head bird's nest nymph.  The second fish I caught revealed its position in the pool to me by rising for something right along the bank (just to the right of the foam).  It took a number of drifts but I finally got it to take the bird's head.  This pattern seems to be quite productive and will become one of my go-to flies in the future.  A different day produced a couple fish in different pools, but still no brookies to brighten the day even further.


  1. Wonderful browns.
    With the rains we've had that stream should fish well into the winter.
    What's the names of the two flies you have posted?

  2. The first was a streamer version of the Queen of the Waters. The second is a weighted Gartside Sparrow nymph. This has been a very productive pattern for me, mostly fished as a streamer.