Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The monkey is off my back!

Since I first experienced catching a carp last summer, I've been wanting to do it with a fly rod.  The handful of times that I pursued them with a fly proved to be futile.  One of the areas that I have waded on an number of occasions has had numerous fish, but they were always drifting slowly off the bottom and showing no interest in feeding.  I recently met RM Lytle (Connecticut Fly Angler) and he agreed to bring me to a couple of sites that he frequents.  After two failed attempts to get me connected with a carp in one of his favorite ponds, we went to a nearby lake that he also has had success fishing.  On my first visit there I had the opportunity to cast to a feeding fish, but it failed to produce a hook-up.  My second visit resulted in the chance to cast to two fish feeding on the surface (no response) and finally to one poking around the bottom searching for food (liberating small bubbles).  I roll-casted the fly to area where the bubbles were coming from, allowed it to settle and then withing seconds the line jumped and my first carp was hooked.  As anyone that pursues these creatures with a fly will tell you the battle is incredible.  I can't wait to catch number two (and three, and four.......).  Thank you RM.


  1. That was just a magical morning. Things really came together. And that happens to be only the fourth carp caught on a fly in that lake.

    1. We need to go back and increase that number.