Saturday, July 11, 2015

Red Brook

On Friday I had the great pleasure of stopping at Red Brook in Lyman Reserve (MA) and fishing for it's wild brook trout inhabitants.  Flowing directly into Buttermilk Bay, the brook is home to native sea-run brook trout (although a scale sample would be needed to prove that any of the fish that I caught had ever ventured into salt water).  I strongly recommend visiting this beautiful catch-and-release fishery and experience observing it's gorgeous residents first-hand.  It is unlike any stream that I have ever fished, having a sand bottom, streamside vegetation, beds of weeds and carefully placed logs providing cover for the fish.


  1. Nice going buddy. It is a most special place.
    I see the streamers worked well.

  2. The black ghost and Montreal whore worked great. I lost the grey ghost bushwhacking in the thick growth along the stream. Thank you for the streamers!

  3. Nice going Kirk. I hear streamers are the only way to fish on Red Brook