Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Crisp pre-fall day

Alan and I hit the road very early yesterday to go to a new stream.  When we arrived the sun was still below the horizon and the air was cold.  After a short trudge through the forest and surrounding marsh (for lack of a more descriptive word, at the moment), we found the stream running clear and with a slight mist hovering over it.  As he said in his post (Small Stream Reflections), he went upstream and I went downstream.  While he states that I had more luck than him in the section that I visited, he's just being gracious.  One small pool (the first picture below) offered me five hook-ups, with 3 coming to hand.  Most of its residents were small, like the one pictured, eagerly smacking the Picket Pin.  Below that pool I didn't fare very well, in spite of covering some very nice looking water.  My catch of the day was the second brookie pictured below.  It also fell for a Picket Pin as it was drawn slowly upstream in the vicinity of the log visible in the next picture.  The bend pool was considerably deeper than most of the stream that I had just fished and therefore it didn't surprise me to find this beauty lurking in it.  That fish alone made my day.  If I could routinely catch wild fish that size I'd probably be permanently cheerful (and never go to work).


  1. Hey, that's a wonderful brook trout your holding.
    Nice photos all.

    1. It was an interesting morning. Thanks for exploring the stream with me.

  2. Glad you liked it there. I caught a real nice one 20 yards downstream of the log in the first pic. I'm gonna explore it more this fall.

  3. Structurally speaking it was unlike any stream I've fished in CT. I could tell that from your pictures. When I saw them I thought it looked more like a small western stream than one in the northeast.

  4. I thought the same while wading it. Pictured myself in Colorado for a minute. I'm thinking the New Year's day gathering should be there provided the weather cooperates.