Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nice December day

Alan and I met at a favorite brook on Tuesday and took advantage of some nice early winter weather.  Lately the fish have seemed to exhibit a burst of activity from late morning to early afternoon, undoubtedly a result of a slight increase in water temperature around midday.  Since that is when we were on the water we were fortunate to catch a fair number of fish, using both wet flies (e.g. Picket Pin and orange heads) and dry flies (e.g. EC caddis and woodchuck caddis).  As you'll see at Alan's blog (Small Stream Reflections), if there is a low abundance resident he'll usually find and catch it.  On this day I was the one to catch that critter, a rainbow that was in a nice pool at a 90 degree bend in the brook just downstream from where he caught his rainbow when he last visited the stream.  As is always the case, the resident brookies appeared healthy and beautiful, although maybe a little lean.


  1. Nice job Kurt, I see you waited until the rain had worked through

    1. In spite of the rain the brook was still a little low and crystal clear. We could use a lot more.

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