Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beautiful fall days

For a while the fish in one of my favorite brooks have been less than enthusiastic about taking aritficial flies drifted into their line of sight.  Although the very little residents have nibbled, the brook's larger denizens (in relative terms) have remained all but invisible.  With the improvement in the weather over the last few days some of the bigger brookies have begun to emerge.  Pictured below are a couple of the larger brookies that I've tricked, as well as one of the smallest.  The beautiful fish pictured second fell for a pink midge dropped straight down into the small pool below the tree trunk.  I watched two fish moving around this well-protected but limited area and was able to fool one.

Hanging in the current (dead center in the picture below) are two brookies that I watched spawning closer to the head of the pool.  It was the first time that I have witnessed these remarkable fish in reproductive mode.


  1. Nice brookies. That last one is a good sign.
    The stream looks a bit familiar.

    1. I'm sure it does. I also caught a brown the same size as the mini-brookie.