Friday, June 8, 2012

Local stream

I went to a local stream yesterday, even though I know that most of it's residents may be stocked.  My most recent visit to the stream was less than encouraging, one brookie and a number of creek chub (one was big enough to be almost enjoyable).  As expected, my first fish was a chub which attacked a Bomber.  Rather than throw in the towel and go home I continued to fish and immediately caught a brookie.  Before I was done I had caught a few salmon parr and three browns.  One of the browns (pictured below) could more appropriately have been called a grey trout.  It was the largest fish I caught with an unusual color.  It fell for a medium dun Usual as I was retrieving it slowly upstream.


  1. A fine few hours. That first brown, he's going to be a great looking fish come spawning time.

    1. I agree. It was in good shape. It hit a small Edson Light Tiger drawn downstream in the pool pictured below it.