Sunday, June 3, 2012

Birthday fish

In spite of the fact that I fished this morning with Alan (aka BRK TRT) and that today is my daughter's 22nd birthday, I weaseled another trip to the same stream that we started at for a late afternoon shot at some of it's beautiful resident brookies.  I convinced my wife, daughter and her boyfriend to go up to the area with our dogs for a walk in the woods, naturally while I fished.  The stream was not in a cooperative mood when Alan and I showed up this morning, but my second visit proved to be much more enjoyable.  At the same pool that Alan started at this morning I was able to catch one sizable brookie on a Picket Pin.  I lost two fish further downstream, but caught a second when the rain started falling.  I stopped at the initial pool on my way out and caught a second brookie, nice but not as big as the first.  Because of the rain I didn't photograph any of the fish I caught after the first one was landed.  On this trip I was using my daughter's camera and I didn't want to damage it.  I have given up on the new camera that I have and am returning it to Amazon tomorrow.  It's erratic at best and unable to properly meter images with sharp light/dark contrasts.  Now I have to find another affordable one that doesn't drive me crazy.


  1. Happy Birthday, And thanks for the use of the camera.
    A good second half for sure.

  2. Picket pin picket pin picket pin. Jeeze guys. Looks like y'all found a winner. I've heard enough! I'm tying up some this weekend! Don't worry, western Ct. I can't cast my 000 that far... in fact most stuff over the Ct river feels like a different state. I've already bought 3it fishing licences this year, that's plenty.