Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Local color

I stopped by a local stream yesterday afternoon and was treated to a four on/four lost visit.  Undaunted, I returned today and had a little better luck.  In one section of the stream that I had previously had only limited success in, I had five brookies take the fly (Picket Pin or Usual).  Four I lost while fumbling with my camera, the other I landed and released after getting a lousy photo of it.  In a downstream section I had only one taker, a nice little brookie that I believe has eluded me for the last few visits to the stream (I have lost a fish three times in the run between the two boulders in the last picture).  I finally successfully tricked the fish with a Usual and was able to get a photo and send it on its way.  I have a feeling that a net may significantly improve my catch percentage.  Any net recommendations would be appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. Nice outing. Those losses do happen at times.
    I don't use a net on most streams, the bigger rivers I do carry a small mesh C&R net.