Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter brookie heaven

I had the great pleasure of visiting a beautiful brook today with BRK TRT, home to many wild brook trout.  I could attempt to wax poetic about the experience, but I'd prefer to let the pictures do the talking.  To say that this was a banner winter fishing day for me would be an understatement.  I caught brookies on hot pink midge, Pumpkin Head midge and Picket Pin flies, with the last pattern being the most productive.  BRK TRT was even getting them to snatch dries.  The shocker was the larger brookie with the gigantic mouth.  Many thanks to BRK TRT for accompanying, guiding and advising me.  His is a true gentleman fisherman.


  1. I see you found those upper stretches of the stream rewarding. Nice brookies.

  2. Love the color on those brookies ! Glad you had a great day - hope I can get out again soon

  3. Great post and Pics. I am jealous!! Have get out there one day and try my "secret" fly!!!1