Monday, February 27, 2012

I confess to having OCD in regard to this brook

With less than a week left to fish this brook before the season is closed until mid-April, I just had to return to it and continue to remove debris (and of course fish).  The day started very slowly, with no response to the Picket Pin in pools that had recently yielded fish.  Although I didn't measure the water temperature, my guess is that it was cool enough to slow down the residents.  As the sun rose I began to see insects hovering over the stream and in some pools fish began to rise.  Unfortunately, try as I might I couldn't get a taker with any of the dries that I tried (Ausable Bomber, Henryville Special, or Elk Hair Caddis), although the Bomber drew some attention a couple of times.  I returned to the Picket Pin and soon began to catch some fish.  I'm going to miss being able to fish this brook next month, so I may make up for it by returning when I can to continue with its maintenance.

After leaving the brook I met my family in Montville to go find Cochegan Rock, a boulder that is considered to be the largest glacial boulder in New England.  After getting permission from the Mohegan tribe (at the security office at Mohegan Sun Casino), we hiked on what is now tribal land to the site of this behemoth.  It is truly a large boulder sitting at the edge of a ridge.  It's quite an amazing site.


  1. Nice brookies.
    Stream is just about right.
    What's OCD?

    1. Obsessive compulsive disorder. It's not really an accurate diagnosis because OCD is an anxiety disorder with very different characteristics than wanting to fish a beautiful brook repeatedly.