Saturday, December 31, 2011

A last minute gift from mother nature

I went for a walk with my wife and daughter today at a nearby preserve that just happens to border a "picturesque" stream.  Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to catch a trout (or char) on the last day of the year, I brought along a fly rod.  As soon as we reached the stream I abandoned my family and took to the water to take a few casts.  I don't generally consider myself to be a person with good luck, but on this occasion luck was on my side.  After a couple of casts I thought I felt a bump, although a rock was more likely the cause.  Two casts later the fly (Gartside sparrow nymph) was taken by the brookie pictured below (along with three views of its home).  I was completely shocked by the size of the fish, the largest brookie I've caught all year.  Whether or not it is a wild fish I don't know.  I hope it was wild, but either way it was an amazing way to finish the year.

1 comment:

  1. Great looking brookie.
    I believe it to be wild, nice fins and look at the size of that tail.
    Well done RKM