Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A few more photos from the trip with BRK TRT

BRK TRT (Small Stream Reflections) eloquently summed up the value of brooks like this.  I certainly hope to stumble upon a few more next year.  You can be sure that I'll be looking.

Can anyone identify this plant?  It almost looks like holly, except that the leaves are rounder and without the spines along the margins.


  1. Those are some fine looking brookies.

  2. BRK TRT, notice how I cropped the picture to make the brookie appear to be larger than yours!

  3. That photo didn't need cropping. For that stream it's a beauty.
    What camera do you use?

  4. It's a Canon A3300IS. I got it to replace my lousy Olympus Stylus 7030. Huge difference in image quality.