Friday, December 2, 2011

Cool morning on a Class 1 stream

After waiting a couple of days for better weather, I headed to a Class 1 stream this morning to get a breath of fresh air and hopefully continue with my fall trout fishing education.  Initially I was having no luck, but with time I started to catch some fish.  I ultimately caught four browns using a Gartside Sparrow nymph (size 12), both dead-drifted and stripped slowly upstream.  I have become a big fan of this fly.


  1. Nice job on fooling those wild browns.
    As the water warms, towards mid day and into the afternoon, they will be receptive.
    Great looking browns.

  2. Where are the brookies that are supposed to be present in this stream?

  3. What should I do to catch them? I've seen none for quite a while.