Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Inadvertent trespassing for fish

I was driving from one stream to another yesterday and crossed a small but interesting looking brook.  Remembering that I wanted to explore this water I stopped, backed up and parked.  Grabbing my rod I worked my way downstream, fishing some nice looking water but catching nothing.  When I got to the pool pictured below I finally felt a bump and after a few fly changes hooked and landed the only brookie willing to play through this stretch of water.  As I moved downstream I found a driveway spanning the brook, so I headed to the road for the walk back to the car.  Along the way I saw numerous NO TRESPASSING signs posted and was embarrassed to find that I had actually parked right under one.  I guess I won't be doing any more exploring of this small stream.


  1. Oops! At least you caught one brooky out of a new stream.

  2. A catch and release guy...no issues with the landowner.
    Pretty brookie.

  3. The fishing gods will forgive you!!