Friday, January 2, 2015

2015's first fish

Yesterday 2015 was rung in with our customary New Year's Day fishing trip.  This year four of us were greeted with sub-freezing temperature and patches of ice on the stream.  Undaunted, we worked our way upstream and back, landing a few wild brookies along the way.  In spite of the cold it was a good time on the water.


  1. Nice outing RKM.
    The clarity of the water in that first pic is awesome.
    The brookie is to. Remember 15 inches.

  2. Yes it certainly was a cold one. Looking forward to a return trip as soon as there is a thaw!! Good Times though!!!

  3. A cold one for sure but good company makes it all good.

  4. Wow that ice circle is awesome!

    1. It was the first one that I'd seen in person. Unfortunately it wasn't spinning or I would have taken a video.