Monday, June 10, 2013

And there is

As I mentioned in my last post, I felt that there may still be more worthwhile water to fish upstream of where I previously stopped.  Rather than wait for this round of rain to end, I returned to the stream this afternoon and continued to explore it.  As I suspected, there were many more pools and runs to fish until the stream became small and spread out.  While the fish were not quite as active this time, a good number fell for the cream Bomber and sulphur emerger (which was struck with authority by the last fish pictured below).  Now I hope it doesn't rain too much, delaying my return.


  1. Love that last shot of the water running over the rock face. Looks like you found a jem!

  2. It is a nice little stream, but it may have water issues (lack thereof) during the summer. It can be a pain to fish, but when you hook a beauty the pain momentarily disappears.

  3. Nice day.
    That last photo looks very interesting.
    It's great what a little rain can do.