Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tough fishing today

In spite of the nice conditions, the fish at the stream I visited today were quite uncooperative.  On a few occasions the dry or wet fly would be struck at by one of the streams residents, but to no avail.  At the last pool I fished a brookie struck at a dry and then an emerger, but neither resulted in a hook-up.  I was finally able to snooker the fish using a Johnny Utah "Catchem" Flymph.  Just seeing one of these fish up close made up for the two previous hours of frustration.


  1. As I always tell myself, a day on the water whether fish or fishless is always better than being at work. nice looking small stream.

  2. Your right, just being able to hold one those wild guys makes it all worthwhile.

  3. Nice Job Kurt, was out last sunday in the rain. Had a similar experience lots of short strikes but no solid hookups