Sunday, May 5, 2013

The last few days

I fished the new stream on Friday afternoon and again late yesterday afternoon.  Below are some pictures of this beautiful brook and some of its residents.  Nothing very big, but the little brookies that live there have been quite aggressive.

I also stopped at another nearby stream on Friday that I know has some larger wild brookies and an occasional wild brown.  I wasn't disappointed.  Thanks to the presence of spinners (probably Hendricksons) dropping to the water's surface to release their eggs, the fish were more active than I've ever seen.  The result of my visit to the first section of the stream is pictured below, a beautiful native fish.  In one pool just downstream (the frothy run pictured below) I caught a small wild brown and surprisingly a large stocked brown.  In the same spot I hooked, played and lost a brookie that may well have been a foot long.  I've thought about that loss many times since Friday.  Fortunately, I was compensated for this in another downstream section I fished, catching and releasing the sizable brookie pictured below in the afternoon sunlight.


  1. In the second stream you speak of I broke off two beauties. The Picket Pin was working well.