Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New water

After having no luck this afternoon fishing a small state forest stream that usually exhibits some life (wild brookies that is), I looked at the map and decided to drive to another nearby stream hoping that it would be accessible.  What I found was a stream that looked worth exploring, but unfortunately one side was posted upstream of the bridge that crossed it.  However, downstream there were no postings, so after having a fish strike a Bomber cast from the bridge I decided to head downstream and see if there were any nice pools or runs worth fishing.  At the pool pictured below I caught three brookies on the Bomber, one at he head, one in the riffle beside the rock and one a little downstream of the rock.  Now I'd really like to see what the upstream stretch has to offer, but it will require permission.


  1. Wow Kirk, you are really getting around these days. BTW - I didn't get to check out that stream I saw on monday morning before we met up.

  2. Nicely done.
    I'm somewhat concerned, the Bomber has not been working well for me.