Monday, April 29, 2013

New blue line

Many weeks ago I identified a small stream that looked worthy of fishing.  I scouted the stream three times, once by myself, once with my wife in the snow and once with my daughter after the majority of the snow had melted.  While I saw only a couple of fish, I was hopeful that when the spring arrived the stream would prove to be the home of wild brookies or browns.  Today, after way too many weeks of waiting for my non-Class 1 season to begin, I finally fished the stream.  The first few hundred feet of the stream provided limited evidence of any inhabitants.  While initially discouraged, I moved farther upstream and was rewarded with a nice brookie in one of the stream's first impressive pools (first fish pictured below).  Upstream from this pool I was treated to numerous strikes on both wet and dry flies.  It took a while to settle in on the pattern that seemed to be the most irresistible, a size 16 parachute Adams.  While the fish were not big (the first being the biggest of the day), they were plentiful enough to keep me hiking deeper and deeper into the woods.  It will be interesting to see if there are a few larger brookies lurking in the depths of the deepest pools.


  1. Very nice friend.
    I'm sure there is a monster lurking.

  2. That is some very nice looking water and some beautiful brookies. Well done!

  3. It is a beautiful stream. It seems to have plenty of small brookies. I'm hoping to find a few larger ones some day. Have you been to any new streams yet?