Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Still a winter neophyte

I admit to having very little experience catching trout in the winter, particularly when it's cold and snowy.  Quite often I am humbled by the stream's residents, unable to entice any response to my offerings.  In general that was the experience today.  Try as I might, my selection of fly was invariably unable to draw a response.  The Picket Pin, Sparrow, Frenchie and EC all failed to connect.  When BRK TRT finally caught a couple of brookies on the surface using a small dry fly, I switched to a size 16 Hemingway caddis and after a while caught the one small brookie pictured below.  In spite of the lack of success, it was a beautiful day in the woods and I'd gladly do it again.

On occasion you run into some interesting stuff in the woods.  Hopefully this home-made cross isn't the burial site of one of this stream's beautiful wild brook trout.


  1. the weather looked great today! All i could think about today at work was wondering what would be hatching in the warm sun. Nice job!

    1. We saw very little hatching. A few winter stoneflies (maybe), but really not much insect life.

  2. Catching trout in the winter is tough particularly during January and February. Congrats your first brookie of 2012 !

  3. You were able to coax a wild jewel to take a dry fly in less than ideal conditions. "Well Done".