Sunday, August 12, 2012

August sights

I went to a favorite brook today with Allen (BRK TRT) in search of wild brookies.  Before proceeding up the stream we checked the water temperature and, while it wasn't as cool as we'd like, it was not unreasonable (67 deg F).  The water level was still low, unaffected by the recent rain.  I am sure that the majority of streams in CT are in need of a substantial influx of cool water.  Like the rest of the country, we need rain.  That said, both of us had numerous strikes by the streams smaller residents.  Elk hair caddis, Bombers, Usuals and CDC-emergers all stimulated the little guys to rise to the surface and strike, invariably without getting hooked.  On a few occasions I was able to successfully hook and land one of the stream's gorgeous fish, as you can see below.  Sadly, I think it is time to allow the summer to pass, returning in the fall when the temperatures (air and water) have dropped and it is safer to fish for the brook's magnificent residents.


  1. In another few weeks the cool nights should prevail. With some rain all will be well in brook trout forest.

    1. I certainly hope so. In the interim I'll have to get back into saltwater fly fishing.

  2. Nice ! I think we've all come to the conclusion that giving the small streams a break until cooler weather is a good idea !