Monday, January 9, 2012

Class 3 humbling

I went to a beautiful Class 3 stream on Saturday to enjoy the warm weather and hopefully catch of few wild trout.  Unfortunately, I was put in my place by its residents.  I had one strike early in the trip and then nothing for quite a while.  I finally had a strike on a picket pin in a beautiful pool (last photo) and after a couple more casts a hook-up.  It was a small fish, but at least something to play.  Once again when I sat down to get my camera out I allowed the fish to slip away.  While I have no pictures of fish, I thought that the stream was worth showing.  I subsequently found out that there are some very impressive brookies and browns in this stream (only adding to my disappointment!).  I'll just have to improve my fishing skills to bring one to hand.


  1. Hey buddy we all have days like that.
    I agree with you that's a beautiful stream.

  2. Great looking stream.